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Black Forest Propane Heater (3.5kW)

Net Price: 310.57
VAT: 71.43
Price incl. VAT: 382.00
VAT Rate:   23.0%

The Black Forest Heaters are designed to bring you maximum benefit. The built-in energy-saving package, with catalytic burner and thermostatic control makes these heaters particularly economical and environmentally friendly. Black Forest Heaters produce CO2 enriched air that is ideal for the greenhouse. Please note that Black Forest heaters are not suitable for growing orchids. The 3.5kW model will heat a maximum area of 20m3. It comes with an accurate thermostat that has a range from 2C to 25C. 3 year guarantee.
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Note: Glasshouse and Polytunnel prices include delivery, carriage is extra for accessory orders (unless ordered with a structure), the amount will be shown before you confirm your order.
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Low Pressure Propane Gas Regulator.

Propane gas is required for gas heaters rather than butane gas as butane will freeze at a higher temperature. Propane Gas cylinders need a different pressure regulator than butane. This gas supply kit gives you a propane pressure regulator set to the required pressure for our hobby gas heaters, 1m of low pressure gas hose and two jubilee clips - all you need to connect your heater to the gas. You can get propane gas cylinders from most gas suppliers. This gas supply kit assumes you will have a standard domestic size gas cylinder near your heater inside the greenhouse. If you are using a large gas cylinder then it should be situated outside the greenhouse and you should get a qualified gas installer to fit the required pipes and regulators.
Net Price: 16.26
VAT: 3.74
Price incl. VAT: 20.00
VAT Rate:   23.0%

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